On Friday we visited Sheringham Park. In the Spring the rhododendrons are spectacular… ‘Rhododendrons don’t flower in October,’ I said. I was wrong. There were flowers throughout the park.

‘Rhododendrons Don’t In October’ became Rhodio – a new word meaning ‘a totally unexpected event.’

On Saturday we enjoyed a long beach walk… I kept looking at the football score. Norwich were 2-0 up… still 2-0… we’d win… 2-0… 2-2! Rhodio!

Returning to our car I listened to the last 10 minutes. We were awarded a penalty… we missed it – another rhodio moment! It finished 2-2.

I bought a paper. The domestic news was all about the Conservative Party leadership… stabilising economy… a possible general election… personalities…

…Headline: ‘It’s vital the next leader puts compassion at top of agenda.’ Conservative MP John Barron wrote about ‘compassionate Conservatism’ that ‘can use our resources to protect and support those in the most vulnerable circumstances…’

‘…We need to ensure that through our words and behaviour towards colleagues we are creating an environment that is inclusive, respectful and compassionate…’

Surprised but delighted. Rhodio!

Yesterday evening we went for a meal, settling at a ‘quiet’ table in the corner. A group of men behind me were talking loudly. We couldn’t help but eavesdrop…

…bird watching, families, golf, football… One gent was quite knowledgeable about football… Eventually we realised… It was Dean Smith, the Norwich manager… 5 metres away from me and I didn’t realise it. Rhodio!

…We watched the 10.00 news. Boris Johnson had dropped out of the Tory leadership race. Another rhodio!

This morning… reading the end of Luke’s gospel…

…Peter says he will always be loyal to Jesus. Rhodio. He denies knowing Jesus.

…Jesus is crucified… ‘Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.’ Rhodio.

…After Jesus’ death two of his friends are walking away from Jerusalem. A stranger joins them. Eventually they realise (similar to my Dean Smith experience) that they know the stranger. It’s Jesus – come back to life. Rhodio!     

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