Changing Seasons

It’s autumn; the seasons are changing; four signs:

…Our apple tree has done well this year. Some apples have already been enjoyed by the family in pies and crumbles; some are stored for later.

…Yesterday I was raking leaves that have fallen from our horse-chestnut tree in front of our house.

…Recently we’ve had our autumn vaccinations for covid and flu.

…I’ve been cutting back and digging up our dahlias – storing the tubers in our shed over the winter.

Our church is going through a period of ‘changing seasons’. Our previous minister retired last February; we have been minister-less for 9 months; last weekend a potential new minister visited…

A number of friends are going through changing seasons in their lives:

…in their health – tests have been done; waiting for the diagnosis…

…in their jobs – an interview’s coming up shortly

…in their families – bereavement’s bringing confusion and review

…in their faith – rethinking what was previously believed or practiced

Lessons from my four signs:

…The apple tree reminds me that changing seasons are to be enjoyed. Autumn isn’t just a transition between summer and winter. Changing seasons have lessons and beauty of their own.

…The falling leaves remind me that times of change often involve clearing up and clearing out, intentional effort, and an awareness that for new to come the old must go.

…The vaccinations remind me to be practical. I can’t predict the future. Bad things can happen. My life and health affects others. Caution and care is sometimes required.

…The dahlias remind me that however harsh the winter, summer will come. For months the tubers will look brown and lifeless… in the spring shoots of life will come. I’ll plant them… next summer there will be fresh new beauty.

Musing… Enjoy today… clear up my mess… be careful in an uncertain future… cold darkness is always followed by warm sunshine – and new life.

…Reading this morning… My God who cares about apples, trees and flowers cares about me.

2 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

  1. That verse comes to my mind often Malcolm. I thought of it yesterday as I tried to take video of leaves falling for no apparent reason other than it’s their time.


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