Marmalade Sales Surge…

At the time – now we remember.

A headline in my newspaper: ‘Marmalade sales surge following The Queen’s death.’

Apparently ‘There has been an 18% rise in sales of marmalade in the UK in September, seemingly in tribute to a sketch the late monarch performed with Paddington Bear…’

Paddington’s tea at Buckingham Palace… the Queen producing marmalade sandwiches from her handbag…

At the time the film was a stroke of genius, a bit of fun. Now, 4 months later, it’s remembered with warmth and affection… a snapshot of our Queen’s character.

Yesterday I had lunch with Mark, our caretaker/site-manager when I was teaching – a vital part of our staff team. We discussed refurbishing toilets, kitchens, science labs, school productions…

We remembered staff we worked with, children who’d passed through the school… what they did then, those we’re still in touch with, what they’re doing now…

At the time we were doing our job, different roles, part of a team. Now, 15 years later, …good memories of good times in a good school.

Another newspaper headline: ‘Daring dog’s WWII medal sells for £140k’

Rob, a black and white collie retriever, had been awarded the ‘PDSA Dickin Medal for Gallantry’ – the Victoria Cross for animals. Rob received his medal in London on 3rd February 1945: ‘For service including 20 parachute jumps while serving with Infantry in North Africa and SAS Regiment in Italy.’

At the time Rob and his owners were doing their job – serious, dangerous, unnoticed… Now, 77 years later, we still remember…

This morning I read… Jesus was eating… a woman poured a jar of expensive perfume on his head and washed his feet.

This led to controversy. People took offense… the interrupted meal, excessive gift, a woman daring to touch a man with her hair.

Jesus said: ‘Wherever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman’s deed will be remembered and discussed.’

At the time the woman acted with affection and emotion. Now, 2000 years later, we still remember her – as Jesus predicted!

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