Without A Drummer…

Our church band yesterday was without a drummer… Andy’s on holiday. We had 3 singers 2 guitarists, keyboard and bass player, but no drummer…

In bands, in church, in school I’ve played with many drummers… talented 11-year-olds; experienced 70-year-olds… those who think they’re good; those who are good… introverts, happy to sit at the back; extroverts who demand the limelight – by their behaviour and volume!

Good drummers are skilled craftsmen/craftswomen: Understanding rhythm – the slow, relaxed beat, the driving, lively beat… understanding dynamics – the crescendo, the quiet gentle passage… developing good techniques – different approaches for different audiences, different styles for different occasions,.

Musing… Understanding the rhythms of life… In church yesterday Esther talked about developing spiritual practices and living intentionally in these rhythms… ‘A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot… a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…’ (Ecclesiastes 3)

Good drummers understand other musicians: Listening carefully to the contribution of others – sensitive to their needs… sitting unnoticed at the back of the stage whilst the spotlight is on the singer, the solo instrument… holding things together… bringing out the best in others…

Musing… The importance of those who take the back seat, appreciating and encouraging the contribution of others, holding things together when things start to fall apart…Esther talked about being available to God and others, being intentionally and deliberately vulnerable… ‘Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honour one another above yourselves…’ (Romans 12).

Musing… God the drummer… who… created, understands and maintains the rhythms of life… appreciates the contribution of all, and can bring out the best in all… sits in the background and lets soloists have centre stage, whilst others sing in the choir or play in the orchestra…

…And without a divine drummer everyone goes their own way, plays at their own speed, thinks they’re most important… and it all falls apart.

4 thoughts on “Without A Drummer…

  1. So very true. As a keyboardist the drummer ties us all together to feed off one another when it’s working. Otherwise it’s like being in a horse race jockeying for position. As I get older I ty to let God set the pace and mood for the day each morning.


  2. Thanks Gary. It’s not a metaphor I’ve considered before, but having played both keyboard and guitar over the years, it’s one I’m that beginning to see helpful insights on both the human and spiritual level.


  3. Well done again Malcom A factoid I heard on radio was the large muppet puppets were ALL left handed because the puppeteers al used their right hand to operate the head parts leaving only their left hand free for the arm.. Stick that one up yer Statler and Waldorf



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