Problems… Elijah, Bears, Justin & Judith

Musing… How do I deal with problems?

Confrontation… Yesterday in church Mark talked about Elijah… The Israelites and King Ahab had been following false gods; the prophet Elijah confronts Ahab, 850 false prophets and a crowd of people on Mount Carmel:

‘How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the Lord is God follow him! But if Baal is God then follow him!’

Elijah didn’t avoid the problem. He confronted it.

Continuation… I love Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ (The version I learnt many years ago was ‘we’re all going on a lion hunt’). On the adventure Rosen meets different problems. The answer is always:

‘Can’t go over it, Can’t go under it, Can’t go around it, Got to go through it!’

On our journey through life, having confronted our problems, we have to go through them and then continue the journey.

Conversation… Last week 650 Anglican bishops from around the world met at the Lambeth Conference. There was much good but some problems…

In particular… Some bishops believe that same-gender marriages goes against both the truth and values of scripture, and the traditions of the church. Others have no problem with same-gender marriage, believing that the Christian gospel is compassionate and inclusive.

Following confrontation many retreat to defend their point of view and judge all who don’t agree with them. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is encouraging continuing conversation…

Companionship… I was sad to read of Judith Durham’s death over the weekend. I still enjoy the Seekers and their songs. Judith sung:

Walk with me through the long and lonely night.
Walk with me, and my world is filled with light.
Here I stand feeling lost and so alone.
Take my hand, don’t desert me now,
Please don’t hurt me now…

How do I face my problems? I embrace confrontation, continuation and conversation… Above all I need companionship through the problems… companionship with those around me, and companionship with my God.

2 thoughts on “Problems… Elijah, Bears, Justin & Judith

  1. Companionship with God is the Best thing Ever (after salvation). I hope to be known as a “friend of God”…


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