Planned & Unplanned Encounters

Credit: Steve Saunders

Yesterday I met Keith at the Thatch café and Danny at the Hatfield Hotel. Planned encounters – in my diary! I had my weekly beach prayer-walk… a planned encounter with my God. I like planned encounters.

On my prayer-walk I had unplanned encounters with David and Stephanie… and Marilyn… I like unplanned encounters too. Sometimes I pray for them…

Credit: Lowestoft police

In yesterday’s Lowestoft Journal: ‘Police found the Vauxhall Corsa on Victoria Road… after it fell from a transporter lorry… the fall was not noticed by the truck driver who continued on his way without noticing he had lost his car…’

A police spokesman wrote on Facebook: “Sometimes I forget my keys, sometimes I forget to buy milk, on the odd occasion I forget to feed the dog in the morning, but wowsers this driver really has had a nightmare…’

…An unplanned police encounter with a Vauxhall Corsa.

Credit: Lowestoft Police

The police were busy: ‘A snake that was rescued by police after being spotted on the loose has been reunited with his owner.

Mercedes the corn snake escaped earlier this week and was later found by officers in the Britten Road area…

Following an appeal to find his home he is now ‘under house arrest’ after the owner collected him…’

…An unplanned police encounter with a corn snake.

Credit: Rebecca Saunders-Brown

Yesterday Rebecca wrote: ’So incredibly grateful to have had 500 days of recovery from food addiction/compulsive overeating! 117 lbs gone so far, and I’ve seen so many health benefits from treating my body kindly, instead of abusing it with food. My diabetes is in remission, my fatty liver disease has gone, and my cholesterol is much lower. But I’m also incredibly grateful for the sanity and serenity I’ve been given, and for my deeper relationship with God. Life is finally about LIFE, rather than about food! I’m so, so grateful!’

Rebecca’s turned her life round… through encounters with her God – and encounters with herself. Planned or unplanned? What’s important is that they were meaningful, purposeful encounters!

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