Hidden – But Important

Yesterday I watched Chris, patiently, skilfully, carefully plastering our kitchen, creating silky smooth walls and ceiling: ‘Once the units and appliances are fitted my work will be covered over and forgotten,’ he reflected.

‘You’re like a primary school teacher,’ I said, ’teaching a child to read. She might be forgotten, but her doing a really good job is vital to the child’s future.’

‘I’m a primary teacher?’ The penny dropped. Chris-the-plasterer smiled. ‘I’m putting down the vital foundation that can be built on.’

Musing… Those with hidden jobs… often out of sight but vital… refuse collectors, medical researchers, power-station workers, mums…

I went for a hair-cut. At the barbers I was chatting to an elderly gent who told me about his son. ‘He died of a brain aneurysm when he was only 29. He left a wife and two young daughters.’

He paused… ‘I was getting married… He was about to be my best man… If he were still alive he would be a grandfather now… That wound never heals.’

Musing… Those with hidden wounds… past abuse, fears, regrets, bereavements, black memories…

Returning home Chris-the-plasterer told me of a house he’d worked in – a beautiful rural property set in grounds of 6 acres. Around the perimeter of the property is a carefully constructed train track that loops around a stunning pond. A fully functioning ride-on train sits unused in a shed up a siding.

The owners aren’t interested in the train they bought with the house and grounds.

Musing… Those with hidden assets… children I taught, seniors I meet… skills, gifts talents that sit hidden, unused in a shed up a siding…

I read my Bible… I used to think it was all straightforward… easy answers to difficult questions. I know what I believe; I believe what I know…

Musing… St Paul writing about knowing ‘…the mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge’ (Colossians 3:3) Hidden… important… worth striving to find.

2 thoughts on “Hidden – But Important

  1. A fine post, made me teary-eyed. So much about people is hidden, and worth the effort to “look harder/deeper”. I like what you said about the Bible–I read it for various reasons, enjoy it greatly each day–and often it is a divine treasure hunt! God bless you and your family.


  2. Thanks Staarlz. I certainly love my Bible more now than | ever have done. I continue to be amazed by new truth I discover in old text that I thought I knew, new questions that intrigue, new challenges to beliefs previously thought to be unshakable… all of which makes my faith more secure and certain


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