That In-between Liminal Place

Our kitchen’s finally gone. On Monday Julian reminded us of what’s happening. Yesterday Richard and his mate stripped out the kitchen and electrician Andy started his work.

We now have a dirty, damaged room containing workman’s tools. The old kitchen that served us well for 20 years is gone; the new kitchen that we hope will serve us for the next 20 is not there yet.

We’ve left where we were. We can’t go back. We’re not yet where we hope to be. We’re in that in-between liminal place.

Our friends Andy and Liz recently sold a beautiful house and moved into rented accommodation. They’re renovating an old property that’s in a poor state of repair. They can’t go back to where they were; they’re not yet where they hope to be. They’re in that in-between, liminal place

Our Minister at church retired a few months ago; we’ve yet to appoint a new one. Stories of the past… hopes for the future… We’re in that in-between, liminal place.

Last September grandson-Zak went to university. On the day he left Lowestoft he was all set… mentally he’d left his old familiar home; he was not yet in his new unknown home. He was in that in-between, liminal place.

We’re going to two weddings in the next couple of months. Both couples, David & Jen and Josh & Becca are not where they were – single and uncommitted; they’re not yet where they want to be – married. They’re in that in-between, liminal place.


…‘End-of-life’ care… recently… several good Christian friends… couldn’t go back to where they were – their lovely-healthy selves… looking forward to where they were going – their certain hope of heaven. But end-of-life care? That liminal, in-between place.

… St Paul’s words: ‘…He who began a good work in you will complete it’. I trust the God of my known, secure past with my unknown, insecure future. Today’s a liminal, in-between place between where I was, and where I will be.

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