Tom’s Tall Tales

This is Tom. Over the past few days I’ve got to know him. Originally from Chicago, Tom spent many years in the US Air Force. He’s a Viet Nam war veteran…

Tom has many tales to tell… where he’s been, what he’s done, who he’s met. After the first few stories I wondered if they were true…

He told  a far-fetched story that involved doing business with a man in St Louis who had 7 foot cows!

We laughed, didn’t believe him, but decided to check this story out. It turns out he was actually in Saarlouis, in the West of Germany, where they have a breed of cattle that can be 2 metres tall… Maybe his ‘incredible’ stories were true…

In discussions about gospel music I mentioned Elvis Presley. A cloud came over his face. ‘Don’t talk to me about that man!’ he said angrily.

Tom said he’d met him whilst Elvis was doing his military service. ‘Can I do anything to help you sir?’ Tom asked.

‘The only thing I want a black man to do for me is shine my shoes or buy my music.’ Elvis replied dismissively. A tall tale? The hurt and anger in his voice suggested otherwise.

In Germany Tom had met with Luftwaffe airmen who’d fought in the Second World War. They’d got really well and had a great time together. It was a great story of how those who were enemies became friends…

Tom’s apparently tall stories gained credibility. I’d misjudged him.

I was reminded of another Tom from many years ago. He was told that a dead friend had come back to life. He couldn’t believe such a tall story; he knew that his friend was dead and buried.

But then he saw the dead friend for himself – very much alive! ‘Stop doubting and believe,’ his friend said.

Musing… sometimes in my doubts and cynicism I need to stop doubting and believe. Both Tom’s incredible tall stories can become credible.

2 thoughts on “Tom’s Tall Tales

  1. Wow…everyone thought Elvis was such a gentleman. I’m disappointed, but of course–we’re all flawed humans. Blessings to you.


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