Waiting at Heathrow

We arrived at Heathrow Airport at 4.00 this morning. It’s too early! There’s people everywhere. Organised chaos? I must wake up quickly!

Where’s God in all of this?

We came down to London yesterday. We boarded the London train at Norwich and settled. I was aware of a man helping a lady onto the train. A British Rail employee was escorting an elderly white-sticked lady, helping her to her seat. He was kind and thoughtful, making sure that she was Ok.

We reached Colchester station. A female British Rail employee boarded the train found the blind lady, in an equally kind and thoughtful way helped the blind lady off the train.

My God is a God of kindness.

As I look more carefully I see things more clearly…

We arrived at Heathrow and found our way to our hotel. At the reception desk an angry man was expressing his displeasure at a member of hotel staff. From the tone of voice and body language I could see and hear the anger of the customer and the patience of the staff member…

My God is a God of patience.

It’s Monday morning at the airport there are staff working – organising queues, handling baggage, serving coffee… helping and advising doing their ordinary everyday jobs.

My God is the God of Monday morning.

There are planes taking off travelling all around the world. I look up – flights to Africa, Europe, people making their ways to their flights My geography is challenged!

My God is the God of the whole world!

I look around the airport. People – all ages; many languages. Children with their parents; smart men in suits. There are so many people! Yet each has their own story, their own loved ones… each with their reason for travelling today.

My God is the God of the individual in a crowd.

And here we are, waiting; we’re not special people. We don’t stand out. We’re two ordinary people in a crowd.

My God is the personal God of Rachel and me.

9 thoughts on “Waiting at Heathrow

  1. A Great Musing especially so early in the morning! It reminded me of Postman Pat . Early in the morning just as day was dawning! Don’t forget the saying Patience is a virtue posses it if you you can.Seldom found in woman but never in a man


  2. I don’t think My comment went through.It reminded me of Postman Pat . Early in the morning just as day was dawning..Also Patience is a virture posses it if you can Seldom found it women but never in a man!


  3. I so appreciate your posts–your grace-filled perspective soothes and encourages my soul. Blessings to you, Sir.


  4. Splendid a god of kindness and care and was shown to mu when she went on her first rain journey alone in thirty years, she was put on a baggage cart to get her quickly to next train but she loved it. God was with her. Safe flights and happy holiday to wherever u r going.


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