Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

This our friend Jim. As Billericay Town Crier he read out the Platinum Jubilee proclamation: ‘Oyez, oyez, oyez! Today in our nation and across the commonwealth we are celebrating our glorious Queen’s Platinum Jubilee…’

There has been a lot to hear. Many words have been said and reported by the good, the great and the ordinary. The national anthem and patriotic songs have been sung. There will be a concert of celebration tonight.

These are our friends Jon and Mel dressed up to celebrate – alongside their car. Jon says:

‘Lots of great things happened in 1952 including the completion of BGR888.’

There’s been a lot to see…  the trooping of the colour in London with parading soldiers, horses and  musicians… pageants and displays across the county… communities have decorated their streets… individual families have put bunting and flags up on their homes and dressed up…

This is Barry. He used to be a work colleague; now he’s Mayor of Beccles. He opened a newly refurbished play park on Beccles Quay. Barry said: ‘I am very pleased to see so many people enjoying themselves and the new park… It is a real honour to be able to welcome everyone along as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend.’

There’s been a lot to do – visits to London, street parties, meals, marches, fairs, community celebrations…

Of course it’s all been about our Queen. The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, at St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday:

‘For me, the best leaders… are those who know how to be led. People who lead for others, not themselves. People whose heart’s desire is to serve the common good and build up the common life; who don’t try to do it all themselves, or act in their own strength alone…

…in Her Majesty the Queen we see an example of this kind of service; a staunch constancy and a steadfast consistency; a faithfulness to God, an obedience to a vocation that is the bedrock of her life.’

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