North Creake, the village we’re staying, has a ‘scarecrow trail’. It’s part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Yesterday we walked round the village scarecrow spotting. There was a gardener-scarecrow mowing the grass, an acrobat-scarecrow, doing a cartwheel, a Royal-Highness-scarecrow drinking tea…

North Creake scarecrows are a bit of fun… they bring the community together, making  the village look attractive

For thousands of years scarecrows have been made to save crops from crows and other birds. Standing in the middle of a field or vegetable patch they’ve demonstrated human creativity.

Traditional scarecrows are supposed to do a job, but are out of date and ineffective.

The prophet Jeremiah  writes about the gods of other nations: ‘Like a scarecrow in a melon patch, their idols cannot speak; they must be carried because they cannot walk. Do not fear them; they cannot do any harm nor can they do any good.’

Jeremiah’s scarecrows were powerless and neutral – unable to do bad or good.

Worzel Gummidge is a mischievous, uneducated scarecrow on Scatterbrook Farm that can come to life. He befriends John and Susan who come to stay during their school holidays.

Worzel causes mischief, then returns to being a lifeless scarecrow, landing John and Susan in trouble.

Oz-Scarecrow lives in the Land of Oz with his friends Lion and Tin Man. He has adventures with Dorothy and the Wizard…

The Oz scarecrow thinks that he lacks a brain, wants to have one, then proves he has one. He’s recognized as ‘the wisest man in all of Oz.’


…Which scarecrow is like me?

  • North Creake – just a bit of fun.
  • Traditional – given a job but ineffective.
  • Jeremiah’s – powerless and neutral.
  • Worzel – mischievous, causing trouble.
  • Oz – underestimating my ability.

…Which scarecrow is like God?

  • North Creake – optional, uniting the community on special occasions.
  • Traditional – a creative tradition… out of date… arms outstretched…
  • Jeremiah’s – unable to do harm or good.
  • Worzel – occasionally alive; can be a good friend; fictional.
  • Oz – dismissed as worthless but wise.

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