Facing The Impossible

My friend Jack’s an actor, writer and director. He’s been involve in plays and films all his life. This week he’s been invited to go to London and act in a film with Halle Berry and Mark Wahlberg. A dream job.

Jack’s very ill. He can’t get the insurance. He couldn’t do the job. He’s gutted, frustrated, disappointed…

His dream job? Jack accepts that it’s impossible.

We continue to watch the news from Ukraine. Saddened, sickened, despairing, feeling for those suffering. We feel helpless.

A group of friends from church want to support families from Ukraine. We’ve linked up with other local folk – some are hosting families. There have been discussions about providing appropriate support – school uniform, bikes, welcome packs…

Us? Bringing peace in Ukraine? Impossible – but we can do something.

I’m watching the birds in the garden. Our feeders are supposed to be accessible only to the small birds – the sparrows, blue tits, robins, chaffinches… In the last couple of days I’ve seen bigger birds – blackbirds, magpies, jays… and squirrels… enjoying peanuts, seeds and fat pellets from the feeders.

Impossible? It’s supposed to be – but they’ve found a way!

In the news there’s been the case of Sabrina Willmott, the teaching assistant who was sacked for hugging a distressed four-year-old with special needs. To me that seems impossible!

Thankfully an employment judge has ruled that the hug was not ‘gross misconduct’; she should never have been fired; Sabrina has been awarded £7,257 damages.

Impossible stupidity? Common sense can prevail!

Musing on…

…The Christmas story… the angel comes to Mary and says ‘nothing is impossible with God’… leading to the ‘impossibility’ of the virgin birth.

…The whole Bible narrative… of a God who frequently responds to the impossible with miracles, and repeatedly says that nothing is impossible for Him…

…My response to impossibilities… might be Acceptance… I can do something… I’ve found a way… Common sense can prevail. It may involve the God of miracles with whom ‘nothing is impossible’.

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