I’ve Started So I’ll Finish

Magnus Magnusson (late quizmaster of BBC’s Mastermind) coined the phrase ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’. He’d continue asking a question when it had been interrupted by the timing buzzer at the end of a round.

Clive Myrie is now the Mastermind host. I’ve been delighted to hear him continue the tradition saying: ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish.’

We’ve been planning our new kitchen. Plans have been drawn up… colours chosen… the deposit paid. The process has been explained. The old existing kitchen will be ripped out, damaged walls plastered, lighting and sockets re-sited, new units installed, final decoration… Starting is important – finishing is more important!

On Monday we went to our local community theatre, ‘The Seagull’. We saw granddaughter Hannah and 30 other teenagers singing, dancing, acting… the ‘Seagull Youth Theatre’.

Directed by ‘the lovely Imogen’ they did an excellent job, rehearsing, preparing, working over many weeks. We didn’t see how they started; we did see that they finished well.

Musing on the ancient story of King Solomon…. At the end of his reign: ‘King Solomon loved many foreign women… he had 700 wives of royal birth and 300 concubines and his wives led him astray…’ Some distraction!

Known as the wisest men that ever lived Solomon inherited a great kingdom from his father David…. He ruled over a peaceful, powerful kingdom. And yet… he lost his way; Israel was soon engaged in civil war

Solomon started well but finished badly.

Next week people throughout the world will remember the Easter story. On Good Friday the story of Jesus death will be re-called and re-told. Jesus last recorded words before he died: ‘It is finished’.

‘I’ve started so I’ll finish.’

My mind goes back to my brother Chris’ funeral a couple of months ago and some of St Paul’s last recorded words: ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith…’

Musing on my personal challenge for today: I’ve started so I’ll finish.’

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