Walk with me

Walk with me through the long and lonely night
Walk with me and my world is filled with light
Here I stand feeling lost and so alone
Take my hand don’t desert me now
Please don’t hurt me now…

I played an old ‘Seekers’ CD. The lovely Judith Durham sang ‘Walk with me…’

Walking together is a picture of any friendship… I’ve been writing my blog for nearly 2 years now! 724 daily musings on life and faith… Thanks for walking with me, sharing my journey, commenting, supporting…

Yesterday we chatted to Josh and ‘Becca. They’re getting married in 5 months’ time. We talked about their future, commitment, their friends’ view of marriage …

We’ve been talking about our golden wedding anniversary, coming up in 3 months’ time…

Marriage is about 2 people who agree to walk together. The marriage vows could be rewritten: ‘Will you walk with me?’  …a simple yet profound expression of commitment, intention…walking through ‘the long and lonely night’ … when the ‘world is filled with light’.

Yesterday at church Ben talked about faith as ‘walking down a path with God’. Another simple yet profound picture.

Last week I chatted to Danny. Danny’s been a Christian for a number of years. He reads a lot, thinks a lot and has been questioning his faith. It’s a tough time for him. Things he’s been sure of in the past are now uncertainties.

I think of other friends dealing with physical and mental ill-health, grief, bereavement… wondering what my faith has to say to them…

I’m challenged again by the simplicity of the call of Jesus: ‘Follow me… be my disciple… walk with me…’

As I hear The Seekers again I apply it to my life and faith….

If you walk with me though’ I know the road is long
I’ll get by with your love to make me strong
More by far than a guiding star above
I long for you
Walk with me oh my love

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