Pondering on the Pond

I’ve been working on our garden pond; I’m not musing – I’m pondering…

Pondering on the Problem… The pond had been neglected for some months. Pond plants were overgrown, leaves and debris had blown in from the autumn, the water was muddy and sludgy. It wasn’t pleasant to look at or healthy to live in.

Mud and sludge occurs in my life often not because I’ve done something drastically wrong, but because I’ve neglected to do the right, good and wholesome. I’ve neglected people and relationships; I’ve neglected myself – physically, mentally, spiritually…

Pondering on the Progress… I took plants out of the water… pruned reeds.. cut dead roots off water irises… restricted overgrown waterlilies… drained the pond… cleared out dead leaves and muck… Rachel laughed. I got wet and muddy.

Neglect didn’t go away on its own. Action had to be taken… I need to ponder… what should be pruned and cut back from my life… what sludge should be cleaned out. It’s not an easy job – I might get in a mess…

Pondering on the Potential… As I cleaned and cleared I saw life and growth… new shoots growing on the water lilies… water buttercups already flowering… dragonfly nymphs, bugs, beasties… frogs and newts… frog spawn will come soon.

Amongst the sludge and muck is the new life of spring. I must recognise, protect and celebrate goodness, life, hope… not throw dragonfly nymphs or newts on the compost heap thoughtlessly… cleaning, clearing, creating an environment for life and growth.

Pondering on the Promise… In a couple of months there will be flowers and flourishing pond-plants… growing tadpoles… newts swimming on the surface… water-boatmen and pond-skaters will appear. It’s happens each year…

Good things in my life… growing and giving pleasure… the love, joy, peace, patience… the true, right, noble, pure… aren’t complete gifts but growing fruit. My God of growing water-lilies and tadpoles is the God of growing character and virtue. This spring I must provide the right conditions.

2 thoughts on “Pondering on the Pond

  1. We did ours last year, unfortunately puncturing it in the process. It would have been attended to this year but the frogs and spawn arrived mid February!! Maybe next year….


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