I’m Positive

We do lateral flow tests regularly to ensure that we’re covid-free. A couple of days ago mine came back with two lines. I have Covid. I’m positive.

I’m grateful that I’ve had my 3 vaccinations, I’m grateful that thus far I’m not desperately ill. I just received a message from a friend: ‘You’re probably feeling a bit rotten and stuck indoors. It’s not like you, but I think it will do you good.’ I’m positive.

Musing… I’m positive…

Positive attitude: I watched the cricket yesterday. England are playing the West Indies. The morning session was slow and tedious. Dan Lawrence came in with a ‘positive approach’, scoring a quick 91. It became a different game.

A positive attitude sees what can be done, not what can’t be done… opportunities not problems.

Positive thinking: Yesterday it was good to see Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe returning to the UK, reunited with her family after 6 years of imprisonment in Iran.Her husband Richard said: ‘We now live in the future, not in the past’…

He could have talked about injustice, grief, the extreme difficulties of the last 6 years… Positive thinking sees blue skies not black clouds.

Positive contribution: Today’s paper announces: ‘Across the UK more than 100,000 people have signed up to a new scheme to host Ukrainian refugees in their own homes’ It’s easy to be shocked by Russia, sympathise with Ukrainians, say what the government should do…

A positive contribution comes not from armchair critics or observers but from those who get personally involved…

Positive faith: Our friend Cat lived with addiction for many years. Yesterday she put on Facebook: ‘8 years since I was baptised. I could only dream about the life I have now. When I went into that water all I had was a faith that God could make my life better. He delivered…..and then some.

A positive faith is resilient, supportive, constantly growing, transformational. life affirming…

So today I’m positive – with covid, life and faith.

4 thoughts on “I’m Positive

  1. Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty ??

    As always Thank You for your Comments and Thoughts.

    It reminded me of a story I read some years ago now. The Church Leadership or Deacons were feeling that their church was in need of some Positivity, so a meeting on ” Positive Thinking ” was arranged. It will be next Wednesday at 7.30pm, — or if that date is inconvenient, it will be the following Tuesday at 7.00pm !!!


  2. Malcolm I’m sorry you’ve had a positive reading in your lateral flow test. I do like your comments though, they are very apt as I know what a positive person you are. Your musing today will be a positive outreach to a lot of people especially when there is so much negativity around us all. Catch up soon.


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