Vision With Action Can Change The World

Nelson Mandella: ‘Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely daydreaming, but vision with action can change the world.’

Last night I watched ‘Rock Till We Drop’. Two bands of musicians, aged 65 and over, were selected play at the Isle of Wight festival last year …with just eight weeks to prepare.

They’d spent their lives dreaming of being a ‘rock star’…but they had to rehearse together.  The vision of performing before 30 000, plus the action of serious rehearsal, would change their worlds – with a memory they will never forget.

In an article in our local paper about ‘winter wild swimming’ Barbara Bryant said:

‘As I enter the water, I have to breathe slowly as my body adjusts to the cold. The act of slowing down increases awareness of my surroundings – attunes me to the awesomeness of the creation around me. For me, an unexpected impact has been a spiritual one… I literally feel the everyday stresses and strains wash away.’

The vision of the benefits of winter wild swimming are commendable; the action alone – swimming in freezing water – seems bonkers. The two together change lives…

On Sunday Don reprimanded me: ‘I wish you wouldn’t write in your blog about the things you and Rachel have done. It makes my wife think that we should get out more…’

Another clear case… the vision – enjoyable activities together – plus the action – ‘getting  out more.’  could change their lives!

Throughout my life in schools, churches, other organisations… vision statements expressing desire and even intention can be just daydreaming. Busy-ness alone can be satisfying, but it may just fill time. Vision and action are required together.

This morning I read of Samuel. There were wars, dissatisfaction, unrest… Samuel sets up a stone monument: ‘He named it Ebenezer, saying, ‘thus far has the Lord helped us.’’

Musing… my visions and activities… changing my world… but the ordinariness of today… and the  God who has looked after me ‘thus far’.

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