It’s All Long

It started with the seals.

We went on a boat trip to see the seals at Blakeney Point. Two groups were lying on the beach. We were told they spend 23 hours each day lying there. That’s a long time… a long rest.

We saw large flocks of Brent Geese. Thousands of them winter in North Norfolk. Soon they’ll be returning to the Arctic Circle, North Russia, to breed. That’s a long flight.

We saw wading birds – egrets and redshanks – with long beaks and long legs… pied wagtails with a long tail… black-headed gulls with long loud cries…

Random musings… friends with long covid… teachers, preachers who are long-winded… those who have been long-suffering with me…

Musing on…

Long Road… Earlier in the week I was talking to Derek about life’s journey… remembering the old song lyric:

The road is long
With a many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows where

We’re all on our own long winding journey… ups and downs… decisions at junctions… beautiful scenery… alone through the desert… The song continues:

But I’m strong,
Strong enough to carry him
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

On our long winding journey we carry our brother (or sister)… In it for the long haul.

Long Silence…  Ruth Rice, telling her story in ‘Slow Down Show up and Pray’:

‘I discovered through long amounts of time in silence that God was content just to spend time with me. Yes, he wanted to hear my prayers and answer them. He wanted to talk with me and direct me. He wanted my confession, supplication and requests.’

Ruth found peace and contentment through not activity but stillness and silence… perhaps this is the lesson of the seals… a long time, a long rest… and through this long silence I gain the strength to carry my brother – for the long haul on the long journey…

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