Inspirational Breakfast

We’ve gone away for a couple of days – a small hotel on the North Norfolk coast. Blue skies, deserted beaches, a bit of walking, watching birds we can’t identify…

This morning I read about Samson – one of the strangest stories in the Bible. I was uninspired.

We went to breakfast… I don’t know when we last had waitress service for breakfast!


  • Jonathan Romain, a Maidenhead-based rabbi is co-ordinating people across the country offering rooms and sanctuary for refugees fleeing from Ukraine.
  • Hundreds of folk are offering to help, support, serve in any way they can,
  • Jesus’ example was not to be served but to serve,
  • …My response to the challenge of selfless service in a world that gets, takes and protects.

We listened amused, entertained… ear-wigging others ordering their breakfast…’two Weetabix and prunes please’… ‘I think I’ll have a poached egg on toast’… ‘mine will be a full English breakfast’… ‘fried bread and baked beans?’… ‘I want poached haddock!’

Musing… People are so different! I know that intellectually, but I’m very quick to question, judge or criticise those who think or act differently from me… I say ‘bonkers’ when I should say ‘different’… I dwell on the Jesus who welcomed variety and difference in those he helped and called to follow him.

We were given a menu… ‘So what would you like madam… sir?’ We had to choose from an extensive menu… abstaining or compromise wasn’t an option… We both chose grapefruit… Rachel chose porridge and a boiled egg… I chose scrambled egg and bacon…

Musing… The continuing choices I face… the company I keep, way I spend my time, my generosity with my money. Jesus who called people to follow him but left them with the choice.

Final musing… I could get used to the idea of breakfast with waitress service and choice from an extensive menu… But the inspirational breakfast is just for today… I am called to serve, enjoy differences and make wise choices today.

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