Celebrating… with Gordon, Justin, Kate and Cat

Yesterday we were invited to Gordon and Heather’s house celebrating Gordon’s 90th birthday. We spent an enjoyable afternoon with ‘old’ friends, celebrating with tea, cake, laughter, stories, memories…

The Archbishop of Canterbury planted a fig tree at Lambeth Palace, celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee:

‘The beauty of trees reminds us of our responsibility to care for God’s creation… It’s a fitting tribute to Her Majesty… the trees we plant this year will be a sign of our gratitude and celebration of this remarkable occasion… I encourage everyone to get involved… and plant a tree to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.’

We watched Kate Garraway’s moving documentary ‘Caring for Derek’. Kate’s husband Derek fell critically ill with coronavirus in March 2020… 13 months in hospital… finally returning home in April 2021.

We saw Kate caring for Derek, battling to be hopeful and positive, keeping going through difficult times: ‘Covid has devastated Derek, from the top of his head to the tip of his toe. But he’s alive.’

‘You’ve got to celebrate the small things that make a good day… That’s life – a collection of moments.’

Cat came to our church about 15 years ago, in recovery from drug addiction. She came to faith, turned her life around, got married… Now… working for the national charity ‘Naked Truth Project’, supporting those whose partners have sex addiction issues… telling her story in ‘Premier Christianity’…

Celebrating her life: ‘People who hear my story cannot believe where I came from. I live a healthy, stable and happy life. I’m clean. My husband is clean. We have a great marriage.’

Celebrating changed lives: ‘Today, I see transformation every week… I feel passionate about helping others recover from addiction and trauma.’

Celebrating potential change: ‘You can be free, you can get better… believe that your situation can be different. If my life can change, anyone’s can, thanks to the power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit!’

Celebrating… with Gordon, Justin, Kate and Cat.

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