Plugged In, Switched On And Working

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Last night I put my phone on charge. The trouble was the socket wasn’t switched on. My phone wasn’t charged this morning. Plugged in but not switched on.

Yesterday I was with a friend. ‘I’m getting a bit old,’ he said. I laughed. I had the picture of a grandad in a rocking chair. Physically present but mentally elsewhere. Plugged in but not switched on.

We’ve taken down our Christmas decorations. We threw away one set of Christmas lights. For several days they had been plugged in and switched on but they weren’t working…

When I was teaching some pupils were present physically, but their minds were elsewhere. Adults too – at work, in church, with their friends can be plugged in or switched on but they’re not working well.

I sometimes get asked: ‘Please will you read my essay…’ Yesterday it was ‘Processes and frameworks in Adult Mental Health Services…’ My friend was writing about ‘holistic person-centred assessments’…

…A person’s physical and mental health, family life must be assessed… their needs must be investigated from a number of perspectives before appropriate treatment or support can be planned…

On Sunday I heard the mnemonic ‘PIES’ explained. – Each of us has Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual dimensions to our lives…


…Rick and Angela’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. The marriage vows require a total commitment… each of the ‘PIES’ dimensions… plugged in, switched on and working.

…Jesus talking about ‘Loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength’… it’s the PIES dimensions of Christian faith.

…Every day I need all four connections – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual – so that my relationships are healthy, growing and valuable…

…Today I can be plugged in to one or two of the components; I may flick a switch or two; it’s only when there are all four connections that I’m plugged in, switched on and fully operational… as I seek to love both my God and my neighbour.

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