Welcome Home

Last night we met up with grandson-Zak and granddaughter-Hannah. Zak’s home after his first term at university. It was good conversation – friends, events, questions, laughter… it’s been 3 months since we last saw him. He’s changed.

His family have missed him… ‘Welcome home, Zak.’

Musing… we all need a home… Home’s a place of…

…Acceptance… We are welcome with our quirkiness, moods, oddities and faults. We are known and accepted as ourselves. (I’m probably alone in enjoying today’s date – 211221 – it’s a very tidy number!) Home’s the place of consistency where we don’t have to act or pretend.

…Forgiveness… When we mess up, when we are a disappointment to ourselves and those around us… It’s the place where we learn to forgive others, it’s the place we are forgiven, it’s the place we accept forgiveness and learn to forgive ourselves.

…Togetherness… We are with those we love, those who love us. We don’t have to manage on our own… It’s the place where we belong. Even if we leave and return it’s still home – because of the togetherness-glue that holds us together.

Musing… It’s the picture of Jesus’ story of ‘the prodigal son’… He’s left home, rejected his family, spent his money, wasted his opportunities… and he comes back – his old home.

Welcome home, son,’ his Dad says. ‘You’re accepted, you’re forgiven, we’re together again…’

Musing… This is part of the poignancy of the Christmas narrative. A couple who’ve had their first baby many miles from home – No ‘Welcome home, Mary. He’s a lovely baby!’ No acceptance for who they are, no forgiveness for perceived wrongdoing, no togetherness or belonging… just rejection and aloneness.

Musing… My mind returns to Rick’s funeral and thanksgiving service last Friday. We heard of his faith. We read of his ‘inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade kept in heaven for you…’ We thought of heaven’s acceptance, forgiveness, togetherness… No more tears, mourning or pain.

‘Welcome home, Rick.’

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