First Steps

Winners! On Friday we learnt that Helen Morgan had won the North Shropshire bi-election for the Liberal Democrats. Saturday saw Rose Ayling-Ellis win Strictly Come Dancing. Last night Emma Raducanu won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Before they could become winners they had to make a start. Films have shown a very young Emma Raducanu starting to play tennis; Strictly fans will remember Rose Ayling-Ellis’ first dance; I’m sure Helen Morgan has a story about her initial involvement in politics.

First steps.

On ‘Sports Personality’ Sam Barlow, from East Yorkshire, won the ‘Unsung Hero’ award for creating ‘Fitmums and Friends’. Sam says:

‘Fitmums and Friends started in 2009 when I was a lonely mum and I really wanted some people to run with and be active with. It’s mums, dads, grandads, kids as well…’

Sam’s husband, Mike was diagnosed with a very rare tumour. He died just before the coronavirus lockdown.

Fitmums and Friends has grown… 11 groups across Yorkshire… exercise, walking and grief groups… It’s impressive!

It started with Sam’s loneliness… small first steps… inviting others to join her running… keeping going despite loss… inspiring others…

Yesterday we had two carol services… Christingle Service with children and families in the morning, traditional carols in the evening… retelling the Christmas story…

First steps…

…Mary and Joseph responding to Roman instructions… travelling from their home and families… Nazareth to Bethlehem… 80 miles…

…Shepherds responding to angels and music… leaving their flocks in the fields… entering the little town… looking for a baby

…Wise men responding to ancient writing and prophecies… following a star… travelling many miles… looking for a king

Each had an uncertain journey, travelling through the unknown… uncertainty about destination or purpose… Each took their first step… believing…

Musing… Sometimes, I sit motionless. Where I am may feel secure. Moving in an unknown direction for an uncertain purpose may be unsettling. I have to take the first step, believing… That’s faith.

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