Discerning Truth

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Tree creeper

We spent Yesterday with our friends Tim and Jill at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Gardens. We walked through the muddy woods; we sat in the bird hide and observed…

There were tree creepers and nuthatches – birds with similar habits that cling to the side of trees. We’ve been told that from a distance you can tell the difference… apparently tree creepers run up trees and nuthatches run down trees.

I’m not sure whether that’s true or not… but we definitely saw a number of each.

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Yesterday I received a book through the post. My brother Chris has written his autobiography; he’d sent me a copy.

I opened it… pictures of our grandparents and parents… Chris… his wife Geneviève… his children and grandchildren…

The problem is that it’s written in French. Chris has lived in France for 50 years… The book’s called: ‘Passer Le Relais – Venez voir ce que Dieu a fait.’

My schoolboy French is very limited. What I don’t understand I’ll guess. Discerning the truth of what Chris has actually written may prove a little harder.

Recent covid announcements have made us question. How infectious is this new Omicron variant? Are there many cases locally? What’s the chance of me catching it? Could I pass it on to someone who’s vulnerable?

And having discerned the truth we then have to decide what action to take. Should Christmas parties go ahead? Should we modify carol services? Where should we wear masks? And Christmas Day?

Musing… the whole Christmas story seems to be about discerning truth… Mary and Joseph discerning truth about an unexpected pregnancy, shepherds discerning truth about a night-time disturbance, wise men discerning truth about a bright star, Herod discerning truth about a baby boy…

…through the supernatural and astrological, through the human and ordinary, through fear and uncertainty, anticipation and joy…

…And I return to the old story to discern truth regarding trust and hope, love and life, and divine intervention in my ordinary life today.

Passez Le Relais

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