Last night Rachel and I carried out our important Sunday evening routine. We ‘did diaries’. This week will be busy! Things to do, people to see. The theory is that we know what’s happening, giving the impression that we’re well-organised…

We’ve had family discussions about Christmas – food, presents, who comes to whom when. Family traditions that ‘must’ happen. Well-organised…

Yesterday I read that ex-England footballer Wayne Rooney is well-organised. He’s paying £10,000 for someone to put up his Christmas decorations. Buying our way out of ‘busy-ness’ into ‘well-organised’ won’t happen!

This morning Royal Mail messaged me. ‘Your package will arrive between 8.47 and 10.47. It arrived at 8.51. Well-organised.

I read a bit of 2Corinthians this morning – well known to many Christians: ‘May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.’

Some who like well-organised services say these words together at the end; some who like well-organised theology point to the ‘trinitarian blessing’ of Jesus, God and Spirit.

I read it again. It talks of ‘grace’, ‘love’ and ‘fellowship’. These aren’t words of organisation that can written in my diary; it’s the sort of person I am, the values I hold, how I treat and get on with others.

Two other ex-sportsmen impressed me yesterday. Boxing champion Frank Bruno last night received an award for his work on mental health, highlighting his bi-polar disorder. England goalkeeper Peter Shilton ‘saved the lives of two gambling addicts’ by speaking out about his own struggles with gambling…

Frank and Peter’s mental ill-health-related problems weren’t ‘well-organised’. They’re commended for the sort of people they, how they help and support others.

I shall try to stay well-organised throughout this busy week, pretending that I know what I’m doing. What’s more important is the sort of person I am. My God will be my motivation, strength and companion as I seek to give and receive grace, love and fellowship…

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