The Construction Site

Headlines in our local paper: ‘Like an earthquake’ – Life by Lowestoft’s Gull Wing Construction Site.’

Describing the impact of bridge-building over Lake Lothing: ‘Local’s living next to Lowestoft’s £126.75m Gull Wing construction site have described how the constant noise and vibrations is impacting their everyday lives.’

Continuing disruption… Waveney Drive still closed… ‘Drainage relocation works’ will  close parts of Denmark Road and Rotterdam Road from November 29 until December 10…’

Some friends create their own ‘Construction Site’: ‘I’m buying and fitting a new kitchen’. Janet/Kerry/Sarah/Wendy has told me the one that ‘we’ like…’

Some put together flat-pack furniture; others spend time in their workshop or garage, working with lathe, bandsaw and a range of tools, creating furniture, ornaments, toys… Some build scenery for their model railways; some do embroidery, crochet or knitting; others play big children’s lego… on their personal Construction Site.

On Thursday’s theatre trip we sat by children from St Edward’s Catholic Primary School, Upton Park. Their website states:

Their school motto: ‘Following Christ we reach our goals’.

Their school values: ‘…eight Gospel Values… rooted in the teaching of Christ…Truth, Respect, Service, Forgiveness, Humility, Dignity, Tolerance, Faithfulness.’

‘At St Edward’s school we focus on the holistic development of our children. As well as succeeding academically, we want our children to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural values by reflecting on their own beliefs.’

Their school’s a Construction Site – building children’s lives!

Perhaps Jesus, the carpenter, knew something about construction sites: ‘The wise man built his house on a rock… the foolish man built his house upon the sand…’  ‘You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church…’

Musing… School, church, any community, is a Construction Site… building others up or knocking others down… causing minimum disruption to others… the God-in-the-community role…

Musing… My life’s a Construction Site… its foundation… the building materials I choose to use… continuing work to build the best life possible… the God-involvement…

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