Yesterday our American friends celebrated thanksgiving…we went to London for the day.

On the train I read ‘When We Were on Fire’ by Addie Zierman…

Addie was an enthusiastic evangelical Chrisian teenager. She learnt to ‘give her testimony’: ‘The short polished account of one’s conversion to Christianity. It covers only the highlights of one’s faith story…’

Addie was disillusioned with her simple teenage faith… There were times of rebellion, confusion, cynicism and dark depression… Addie now has a less tidy, evolving, incomplete more mature and honest faith:

 ‘…looking at God through a kaleidoscope. Your life moves, and the beads shift, and something new emerges. You are defining. Redefining. Figuring it out all over again.’

Identifying with Addie’s faith-journey I’m thanks-giving.

We had lunch at Marks and Spencer’s in Tottenham Court Road – turkey and bacon toasties. The staff were distant, not engaging, avoiding eye-contact… apart from Rose.

Rose smiled. ‘Is everything alright my darlings?’ developed into conversation. ‘I like your badge,’ pointing to my prostate cancer badge.

Without thinking I said: ’A good friend died of it last week and my brother has it.’ With another smile and a voice of confidence Rose said: ‘But you will meet again.’ And with a few sentences she showed that she had faith and hope.

Appreciating the chance meeting and Rose’s well-chosen words I’m thanks-giving.

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We went to see ‘Prince of Egypt’ – an excellent show. We were surrounded by school parties. They were well behaved; I was pleased that none were my responsibility.

We watched the story of Moses… river basket, burning bush, slavery, plagues… The show finishes with the song: ‘There can be miracles when you believe.’ simple, well-known stories of faith and courage I learnt in Sunday school.

But in the Dominion Theatre I saw a different, more complex Moses. There was weakness, insecurity, loneliness, guilt, doubt, unworthiness… I saw the honest, raw maturity of Addie’s faith…

Understanding Moses better, I’m thanks-giving.

Musing… Addie, Rose, Moses… thanks-giving.

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