Wading Through Treacle – WTT

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Mum always had a tin of ‘Golden Syrup’ in the cupboard for making puddings (not deserts then!) Treacle pudding – (not ‘syrup sponge’!) – and treacle tart. There was no talk of calories or tooth decay, just whether the custard was lumpy.

The consistency of syrup/treacle was fascinating… sticky, thick…  later studying physics I learnt the word ‘viscous’… and the ‘coefficient of viscosity’…

The Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland told the story of Elsie, Lacie, and Tillie, who lived at the bottom of a treacle-well…

And then there’s ‘Wading Through Treacle’ – WTT… a slow, hard, difficult journey.

Discussions from this week’s Climate Change Conference … Daughter-Jo trying to persuade grandson-Luca to do his homework. WTT!

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent discussions with the Archbishop of Ghana:

‘We discussed their response to the draft Bill that is before the Ghanaian parliament, aimed at strengthening family life but including within it provision for the criminalisation of many LGBTQI+ people.’

Same faith, different culture, different opinions. Strong feelings and emotions. A really difficult conversation? WTT?

‘We agreed that all human beings are made in God’s image and are worthy of love, respect and dignity, and that the Church of Jesus Christ is called to demonstrate the love of God by protecting all vulnerable people and communities.’

Worthwhile WTT?

Friends caring for their children, young adults, who’ve been making unwise choices… self-harming, taking an overdose, drinking too much… trying to guide, protect, provide… stepping back but showing love and care… WTT.

Friends facing illness… Uncertain diagnosis, treatment decisions… radiotherapy, chemotherapy, medication, surgery… uncertain prognosis… supportive family feeling powerless… a home-care package… WTT…

Friends struggling with their faith… once going to church but seeing hypocrisy and irrelevance… facing questions with no apparent answers… WTT

I return to my life and faith… I ‘press on with perseverance’… ‘Let us run with patience the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus…’ even if it sometimes feels that I’m WTT.

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