What Is Truth?

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Musing… Pilate’s question to Jesus… ‘What is Truth?’…

Discussions about climate change and covid bring the questions about truth. Scientists and politicians bring their answers. There’s ‘truth’ about the analysis of the problem and the perceived solution.

Business leaders and economists speak with powerful voices; activists share their insights; reporters show us pictures of those suffering in poor, corrupt or developing countries… and there are the cynics and conspiracy theories…


Today’s Remembrance Day, 11th November.

Today’s local paper tells of 26 American aircraft, from East Anglian based 448th Bomb squadron that on April 22 1944 went to bomb Hamm, Germany.

The B24 bomber ‘Repulser’, piloted by Eugene Pulcipher from Portland, Oregan, was returning safely with other aircraft. Reaching the UK they realised they were being pursued by enemy aircraft.

Some aircraft were hit by ‘friendly fire’ others by German gunfire. Repulser crashed into Kessingland marshlands, a couple of miles South of here. 10 young Americans died.


Yesterday I was chatting to Ken. I’ve known Ken for some years. He’s had tough mental health issues; employment hasn’t always been easy; there are challenges with his children – one has learning and behavioural difficulties.

Ken’s a decent gent… Yesterday he was telling me that he’s fallen out with his wife and he’s sleeping on the sofa. The story is long and involved… I have some sympathy.

But if I spoke to his wife? …Truth?

My church background has taught me a lot about truth. I’m grateful for many good men and women who have helped me discover intellectual, moral and spiritual truth.

In churches I’ve seen perceived ‘truth’ that leads to pride, power, division, exclusion, prejudice and hatred…  

A few hours before Pilate asked ‘What is truth?’ Jesus had talked about the ‘Spirit of Truth’ who was to come… I come with the certainty of faith, continually seeking to discern the Spirit’s truth, with the humility that acknowledges that I sometimes get it wrong.

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