Urgent Action Required

Yesterday’s news was dominated by COP26 – the ‘crunch climate summit conference’. Leaders of nearly 200 countries, over 25,000 delegates have gathered in Glasgow discussing climate change, fossil fuels, pollution, deforestation…

Boris Johnson talked about urgency ‘It’s one minute to midnight on the doomsday clock’. Queen Elizabeth called for world leaders to ‘rise above politics’. 18-year-old Greta Thunberg and 95-year-old Sir David Attenborough were agreed. What’s required is urgent action.

Yesterday we went with our friends Tim and Jill to ‘Fairhaven’. We sat in a bird-hide beside the South Walsham Broad and waited. Previously we’ve watched nuthatches, tree-creepers, marsh-tits, a water rail, marsh harrier…. Yesterday? Nothing. No urgent action.

We did watch a squirrel breaking into the ‘squirrel-proof’ bird-feeder having his afternoon tea… The squirrels in our garden have been very active. Every day they’re chasing each other, digging up our lawn burying peanuts and chestnuts. Urgent action in abundance.

When I was teaching inspectors, advisers and politicians were good at telling us what we should do; the classroom teacher was faced with Lee who would go home to care for his sick bed-ridden mother, Louise who was struggling with her reading, George who had anger-management issues… Ideas and theory had to become action…

We’ve seen excellent examples of ‘urgent action’ from healthcare professionals over the past 18 months. Faced with very difficult circumstances and very sick people they’ve acted decisively and immediately with care and compassion.

My faith points to God who’s not just good at theory and theology. He’s active in creation and miraculous intervention… bringing freedom to captives, strength to the weak and companionship to the abandoned… those in urgent need…

Urgent action is required by the great and powerful today in Glasgow; teachers, nurses and squirrels will continue to be urgently active…

I must be prepared for urgent practical action in the ordinariness of my life today, using the insight, compassion and integrity that comes from the God I trust and serve.

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