Gone But Not Forgotten

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Dippy the 26m Dinosaur has been visiting Norwich cathedral for the last few months:

‘…to inspire people to engage with nature, to think about the great diversity of life that has lived on Earth, and to consider our own footprint on the planet. As the only Cathedral on Dippy’s tour, Dippy’s Norwich visit also aims to spark conversations about science and faith.’

In ‘a wonderful summer full of dinosaur fun!’ over 200,000 people visited him.

He’s gone but not forgotten.

On Saturday we went to ‘Beyond the Barricades’, a concert of songs from musical theatre, including several from Miss Saigon. Included was ‘Bui Doi’, a Vietnamese term which literally means “dust of life”. In the musical it refers to the children of American soldiers and Vietnamese mothers abandoned at the end of the Vietnam War: ‘They are the living reminder of all the good we failed to do.’

Many were left and forgotten.

Last night was ‘Halloween’… ‘It’s more fun than Christmas’… ‘The horror genre in film and literature should be celebrated’… ‘I don’t bother with it. It’s too commercialised’… ‘it points to powers of evil and should be avoided’… ‘Christians should point to light rather than darkness’….

I appreciate the Christian traditions involving ‘All-hallows-eve’ (Halloween) and today (1st Nov) All Hallows/ All Saints Day. For centuries Christians have remembered faithful Christian ‘saints’ who have died…

Today I remember ‘saints’ whose example and faithful service have had an impact on my life… Dad, Ray, George, Miss Foote, Rosa, Steph, Ted and Kath…

Gone but not forgotten.

Yesterday we shared communion at church. The Jesus story… his friends sitting with him at a table… friends who would run away, deny him, betray him… bread and wine… eating and drinking… this is my body, this is my blood… I shall soon be killed…

We remembered Jesus… Gone but not forgotten.

P.S. Norwich City lost again yesterday. The ability to win… Gone but not forgotten?

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