Memory and Forgettery

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We had our church home group here last night. Folk arrived around 7.30; the last car was pulling away around 9.30. Then we saw it. ‘Someone’ had left their phone behind!

Rachel messaged his wife – ‘He’d forget his head if it wasn’t screwed on!’. I took the phone round to his house. I returned. There was an email from another ‘someone’: ‘I left my Bible on your stairs…’ Forgettery good.

I forget people’s names, when I agreed to do what, why I went upstairs…. Last night we talked with concern about four people we know with dementia that’s affecting them in different ways. Forgettery growing.

Somehow our memories retain details of useless things that happened many years ago… Last night a number of us could remember the words of the old hymn: ‘When peace like a river attendeth my way…’. We haven’t sung it for many years. Memory good.

Sadly our memories recall stuff we’d rather forget; they have too easy access to people and situations that have caused us pain.  

A number of friends suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Many of us have experienced individual incidents or repeated events that still have a distressing, damaging and lasting impact on our lives. Forgettery poor.

Every Sunday evening Rachel and I ‘do diaries’. She brings the kitchen calendar; I bring my diary. We discuss the coming week… plans, arrangements. Memory assistance.

My brother Chris came across from France last week he brought some bottles of French wine. We drunk some together; we still have two. We’ll probably open one next Sunday. We’ll think of him.

This morning I read the often repeated part of Matthew 26: ‘Jesus took bread…take eat this is my body…then he took the cup…drink from it…this is my blood.’ Memory assistance.

I’m really grateful for many positive memories of people and events that have enhanced my life. Memory gratitude…

I need to be intentional in creating further good memories. Memory enhancement…

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