Life’s Wheel Keeps Turning..

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Last week we had a meal at the ‘Mill Wheel’ at Hartshorne. The building dates from the 17th-century. Originally a corn mill it subsequently became a water-powered screw mill, a corn mill again, a saw mill…

Abandoned around 1945 it was converted into a pub and restaurant in 1987, retaining and restoring the huge 23ft diameter 19th century iron water wheel as a feature. As long as the water flows the wheel keeps turning…

Yesterday I visited Jack who’s in his early 50s. ‘Let yourself in, Malcolm. The key’s under the headless swan.’

Jack has long term covid and rarely gets out of his first-floor flat. He has little strength, or hope of returning to work in the foreseeable future. He’s had recent heart surgery; his future’s uncertain…

Time passes by. Jack’s wheel keeps turning.

Yesterday I learnt about the ‘The Three Dads Walking’ charity walk. Tim Owen, Mike Palmer and Andy Airey are making a 300-mile trek in memory of their daughters who each suffered with mental ill-health and took their lives.

Yesterday’s news was that Bond-actor Daniel Craig had donated £10,000 to their fund-raising.

The three dads’ wheels keeps turning – sadly without their daughters. They continue to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention, focusing on what they can do to save young lives.

Musing… some of Jesus’ final stories… ten girls being ready for an uncertain wedding, servants working for an absent but returning master… the punchline was ‘Keep watch, because you do not know the day or hour.’ 

Life’s wheel keeps turning; like Jack’s life it’s unpredictable; keep watch!

Jesus then talks about sheep and goats, encouraging us to feed the hungry, show hospitality to the stranger, clothe the needy, care for the sick, visit the prisoner. When we do this we’re doing it for him…

Life’s wheel keeps turning; like the three dads we make good use of the time we have;  

for those of us with faith we’re doing it for Him.

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