So Far, So Good…Ebenezer

May be an image of sky and nature

Yesterday morning… Saturday’s winds and a rotten fence-post resulted in a trellis, heavy with clematis foliage, falling onto and crushing some rose bushes.

Dad’s would never work on ‘the Sabbath’. Jesus talked about an exception, the sheep falling into a pit that had to be rescued. This was a sheep-in-a-pit exception. I removed the rotten post, extracted the trellis, pruned damaged plants…

So far so good.

Yesterday was the London Marathon. There were the usual runners dressed as spiderman, a banana… giraffes were particularly popular this year…

Determined athletes were interviewed part way round the course. What charity are you running for? How’s it going…?

So far so good.

Strictly Come Dancing has been going for two weeks. We’ve seen patient teaching, determined learning, competitive spirits, enjoyment, frustration, progress…

Yesterday Nina and Neil were eliminated. Other celebrities speak of being on a journey, loving the experience, gaining confidence, appreciating their partner, looking to the future…

So far so good.

Yesterday we had a special church service celebrating the successful recent renovations and building works. We remembered those who founded the church in 1813, those who had the vision and expertise when moving to our current building in 1972…

Buildings, people… mending the broken, the marathon, the unknown future…

So far so good.

Musing…. a hymn verse I sung as a child…

Here I raise my Ebenezer,
Hither by Thy help I’ve come…

I enjoyed the language but wasn’t sure how to ‘raise my Ebenezer’… The prophet Samuel, leads the Israelite army to memorable victory over their enemy, the Philistines. He erects a memorial stone, calling it ‘Ebenezer’, meaning ‘thus far has the Lord helped us.’

I look back over my life. I can ‘raise my Ebenezer’. (Our church can too!) Thus far the Lord has helped me…mending the broken, the marathon, the unknown future. The verse concludes:

And I hope by Thy good pleasure
Safely to arrive at home.

So far so good

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