Perceptions and the bigger picture

Musing on this picture… ‘Your perception of reality depends on what you see…’ Sometimes I only see part of the picture and so my perception is partial…

I was reading ‘Gardeners’ World’ yesterday. It tells me stories of expert gardeners; pictures of their beautiful gardens inspire me. I see what can be grown and what Autumnal jobs I ought to be doing in my garden…

But it isn’t just about me gardening. Monty Don as usual reminds me how gardening benefits my mental health and well-being. Alan Titchmarsh says: ‘In the small world of my garden I really can make a difference. The wildlife that populates my patch – be they birds, insects or amphibians – are grateful for my provisions.’ See the bigger picture!

We’ve been shocked as we’ve followed the trial of Wayne Couzens for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard. There has been the right pursuit of truth and justice; Couzens’ conviction and sentence has brought anger, sadness and relief.

What has emerged over the last few days is a much bigger picture… The issue of the safety of women on our streets has rightly been highlighted; strong recommendations have been made to review procedures for the selection of police officers; the question of the conduct of and confidence in the Metropolitan Police has been raised…

Last night we went to watch ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ performed by the Lowestoft Players. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I love the musical’s songs and story, and the performance and production was excellent. We were thoroughly entertained.

This is another case of only being part of a much bigger picture. The essence of the Joseph story is not entertainment but a man who trusted and experienced his God throughout his life. God was present and in control of dreams, dark times and happy conclusion.

Musing on my garden, Sarah Everard, Joseph… seeking to see more and have a greater understanding of reality.

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