Changing Scenes

May be an image of outdoors and tree
Lowestoft Men’s Shed

We watched a detective drama last night… lots of action… the home, an office basement, the woods, a remote hut, the police station, the hospital… Constantly changing scenes

Recently Rachel was chatting to our neighbours who have two young children. Rachel knows Hannah from our church parent and toddler group. In a few weeks Hannah’s expecting another baby. A new scene is beginning

Yesterday Rachel and I prepared 50 meals at our church community café. It’s been a good, valuable work, serving the local community well. For a variety of reasons it’s stopping. It’s the last time we shall do it. That scene is ending.

5 years ago a group of us started ‘Lowestoft Men’s Shed’. We make things and eat bacon rolls together in a big shed. Yesterday there were about 20 of us…  

Ed’s a boat-builder who spent many years in the fire service. He’s always been very active; in recent years he renovated a dilapidated old house. Following surgery on both shoulders he’s now in constant pain and his activity is severely restricted. Changing scenes.

Brian had sepsis, went into hospital, caught covid, spent some time on life support… eventually returned home. It’s given him a different perspective on life and priorities… ‘I used to be big, strong and stupid; now I’m no longer big or strong…’ Changing scenes.

When Adrian first came to Men’s Shed 4 years ago his personal situation meant wasn’t in a good place mentally. He met Mike who listened to him and showed some empathy. ‘If it weren’t for Mike I might have topped myself…’ Changing scenes.

Musing on God… the scriptwriter/producer creating the overall plan, the unseen director directing the action, the fellow actor working alongside me throughout the constantly changing scenes in my life …

…and the old hymn:

Through all the changing scenes of life,
in trouble and in joy,
the praises of my God shall still
my heart and tongue employ.

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