Hang In There

On Saturday Norwich lost to Manchester City– 5-0!

In this morning’s paper team captain Grant Hanley calls for ‘steel and grit’ from the players: ‘This is no time to feel sorry for ourselves. We need to stand up and be counted, really stick together as a group, keep looking to improve and be competitive.

Hang in there!

This morning I’ve been reading more of the Jeremiah story (Chapter 39). Standing alone, facing constant opposition, bringing his message of doom and gloom… finally Jerusalem is destroyed. Many are taken as slaves to Babylon.

Jeremiah remains. The situation is dire. God’s message is ‘I am about to fulfil my words against this city through disaster, not prosperity…. I will rescue you… you will not be handed over to those you fear… because you trust in me.’

Hang in there!

A number of friends recently… Elaine’s in constant pain, waiting for an operation; Katie feels she has been let down by those she thought she could trust; Harry hasn’t lost his faith but is unhappy and unsettled in his church; Nick’s applied for many jobs, but hasn’t found one yet.

They must – Hang in there!

Yesterday we saw a new stainless-steel art sculpture on Lowestoft’s South Pier, in memory of the town’s fishermen who lost their lives out at sea.

It’s part of the ‘Via Beata’ (Way of Blessings) project, a trail of artwork and sculptures across the UK from east to west following a line from Lowestoft to St David’s in Pembrokeshire.

A plaque tells the story of Jesus appearing disciples after his death. One side of the sculpture shows the sad fisherman; they’d fished all night and caught nothing. The other shows their delight at finding fish – after following Jesus’ instructions.

Hang in there? They had – and were rewarded.

I pray that Elaine, Katie, Harry and Nick will hang in there – and get their respective nets full of fish!

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