Little Fish, Big Ponds

This afternoon newly-promoted Norwich play league champions Manchester City – a small club from Norfolk taking on one of the biggest clubs in the world.

The discussion isn’t whether Norwich will win or not (the odds of a Norwich win are 25-1!); it’s whether Norwich will survive in the Premier League. Can this little fish can survive in a big pond.

Yesterday we had tea with grandson, Zak. Next month he’s going to university, leaving family and friends for a new life, new opportunities, new challenges.

He’s moving from little ole Lowestoft 6th Form to huge Warwick University… with 30,000 people. He’s looking forward it… planning where he will live… working out whether he has all he needs… to be a little fish in a big pond…

This week Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical ‘Cinderella’ opened in London… based on the old Cinderella fairy story – rags to riches, success through adversity, rejection to love, the poor servant girl marrying the fashionable prince.

Cinderella’s unlikely and unexpected success is brought about by the supernatural – her Fairy Godmother… enabling her little fish to swim and thrive in the big pond.

The little fish, big pond theme, success against the odds, is often repeated in the Bible narrative… Noah, Joseph, Moses, Gideon… most famously David and Goliath… the young inexperienced teenage shepherd boy comes to the battle field; he takes on and defeats the giant, professional soldier with a stone and a sling….

Musing… little fish in big ponds?…. David can beat Goliath, Cinderella can marry her prince, Zak can do well at Warwick, Norwich can survive in the premier league…

I like the idea of the fairy godmother, but prefer to believe in David’s giant-killing God… musing on the old children’s song: ‘My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing that he cannot do.’… including helping small fish to swim, survive and be successful in big ponds.

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