Faster, Higher, Stronger

The Tokyo Olympics are finally over, the closing ceremony completed.

‘Unprecedented’, well-worn recently with news related to climate change and Covid-19, has continued to have copious use. We’ve seen empty stadiums, appreciated the mental ill-health of athletes, and been astounded by the efforts and achievements of many…

In 1894 Pierre de Coubertin launched the Olympic Movement, expressing its aspirations with the motto ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’,

Musing… This seems to be a good framework for the aspirations, prayers and hopes for people of all ages…

…That our children, enjoying their summer holidays, will be fast to learn and make the most of their opportunities; that they will develop high standards in their education and behaviour, and strong as their individual characters are forming.

…That our young people, with GCSE and A-level results coming out this week, will be fast to become responsible and mature; that they’ll maintain high ideals and exciting dreams, and strong as they make moral and social choices.

…That our adults be faster in seeing and dealing with injustice, higher in their expectations of developing a generous and equitable society, and stronger in supporting their families, homes and communities.

…That our older folks accepting that they can’t go faster, will keep going; that they will still have high expectations and a generous view of their world, and be stronger in the positive influence they can still have.

Musing… ‘As the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts that your thoughts.’ (Isaiah 55:9) …that the God who sets the highest standards also helps us… faster in our understanding of them, and stronger to live up to and achieve them.

On 20 July 2021, the International Olympic Committee approved a change in the Olympic motto. The new Olympic motto now reads: ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together‘,

Our aspirations, prayers and hopes can best be achieved not alone but when supporting and working with others.

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