Taking The Next Step

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Yesterday we went to Mark and Lisa’s house. It was a ‘little do’ for their son Levi. He’s about to go to Bristol for four years. He’ll be a trainee construction supervisor at Skanska…

Taking the next step isn’t always easy. For Levi it’s stepping from the known to the unknown, moving away from home to become more independent. He may feel unsettled, vulnerable, excited, apprehensive, anxious…

At the Olympics yesterday there was news of American gymnast Simone Biles. For many years she’s been the best. Her fitness, skill, dedication and achievements have been recognised and admired throughout the world.

Earlier in the week, because of the stress and pressure, she withdrew for the sake of her mental health. After months of training and preparation Simone’s next step was not to add to her achievements with medals but to speak out bravely, honestly and clearly about the psychological pressures on athletes.

There was also Olympic news of Charlotte Dujardin. She had won gold medals at the London and Rio Olympics with her horse Valegro. She decided that Valegro should retire in 2016.

Charlotte chose not to rest on her laurels but to train another horse, Gio, (affectionately referred to as ‘Pumpkin’). She took her next step with Gio deciding that these Olympics would be his first major championships. Yesterday they won their second medal of the week.

God appeared to Isaiah in a dramatic, impressive vision, saying: ‘I need a volunteer’. Isaiah says: ‘Here am I. Send me’. He had no idea what God’s mission would entail, but the challenge to his faith was to respond to the call and take the next step.

I discover that I’m frequently required to take the next step into the unknown, the unseen, the place of insecurity. But it’s this next step that gives me – and Levi, Simone, Charlotte, and Isaiah – the purpose, direction and learning that leads to integrity, faith and personal growth.

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