Father and Son

The latest Marsh family rendition tells a story… With lockdown relaxing Ben (Dad) and Danielle (Mum) have been out celebrating. Having drunk too much they now have to face their children. It’s the morning after the night before.

They parody two beautiful songs – Cat Steven’s ‘Father and Son’ and Abba’s ‘Slipping Through my Fingers’ – both about parent-child relationships…

Musing… ‘Father and Son’…. the acted out Marsh narrative, original and parodied lyrics, are about:

  • Family relationships: knowing each other well, recognising and accepting weaknesses, loving, caring and understanding, but being truthful and brutally honest.
  • Generational differences: parents and children wanting to, but not fully understanding the other.
  • Young people’s dreams: seeking guidance, forming their own opinions, make their own decisions, developing as independent adults.
  • Parents making mistakes: being honest, disappointing their children, not fulfilling their own expectations or the needs of the children.


Yesterday I proof-read one of Levi’s essays. Following his A-levels he’s taken a year out. His year has included a Bible College course.

In his essay he reflects on his life – school, sixth form college, parents’ advice, faith, his talents and interests, potential career…

He quotes Charles Spurgeon: ‘To trust God in the light is nothing; but trust him in the dark-that is faith.’ He’s making his own parent-free, independent decisions with more confidence as he faces an unknown future.

Yesterday we visited Andrew and Emily in Ipswich. Andrew has been my son now for over 42 years. He prepared and cooked the barbecue for us, they looked after and entertained us. We spent a lovely – if chilly – afternoon with them.

Roles have changed… we certainly don’t provide for him; he’s not dependent on us.

I identify with Ben Marsh. I know I’m not the perfect role model for my son to copy… but whether I like it or not he does have 42 years of example to learn from, copy or reject.

Father and Son.

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