The Interview

May be an image of 2 people, including Lisa Joanne, people standing, ocean, twilight, beach, coast and sky

Yesterday Lisa announced that her son Levi had been successful with tests and interviews. In September he will be off to Bristol to start an engineering apprenticeship with Skanska. Proud mother and son here… Dad Mark will be pleased too… in a more measured way.

Yesterday Alicia was interviewed at a local doctors’ surgery. They need an apprentice receptionist. She interviewed really well, got the job and starts as soon as she’s finished her A-levels. She’s delighted. Her parents, Jon and Mel, are rightly proud of their daughter.

I was interviewing yesterday at our local community theatre, ‘The Seagull’, where I’m a director. We’d advertised for a ‘Community Co-ordinator’.

We read the applications – good people trying to present themselves well:

‘I am consistently a friendly and outgoing individual with a drive to give my creative all to this position…’

‘With my real passion for the work you do, I feel I could be an active and effusive member of your team…’

‘I am a friendly, charismatic and ambitious individual with a strong desire to achieve excellent results…’

We interviewed three excellent applicants, an actor, a dancer and a singer, all graduates, skilled performers, experienced in community work:

‘Please share with us the biggest contribution or skill you would bring to the Seagull.’

‘Please tell us about your motivation for working and how you would share that motivation with others.’

It was a good day. We made an excellent appointment. I’m sure Tom will serve The Seagull and the community well.

This morning I read of King Hezekiah. His prayer was like the answer to an interview question:

‘I have worked before you faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes.’

‘Working faithfully’, ‘wholehearted devotion’ and ‘doing what is good’ are excellent qualities for Levi, Alicia or Tom starting their new job. As a prayer of someone accountable to his God they are challenging claims

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