Re-view and Re-form

May be an image of tree, sky, nature and grass

Repeatedly throughout our lives we review and reform.

We look back in our rear view mirror and re-view what we have seen before – our story, our situation, our habits, our lifestyle. We look around our present situation – who we are and where we are. In some areas we may choose to re-form, to change as we look at and go into the future.

Many are considering this as we come out of lockdown – re-viewing the way we work or socialise, meeting with our families, doing church or organising our leisure time. ‘Discovering a new normal’ – many are required to re-form or are choosing to re-form.

I was chatting to a friend yesterday. He was made redundant and has been out of work for 11 months now. He’s been through a lot of ‘review and reform’ thoughts.

Many young people are preparing for the final lap of their GCSEs, A-levels and degree courses. They are re-viewing their past work and considering how they will re-form in the future – the next stage in their education, their first jobs…

I know several young people who have interviews today. They will be required to re-view their past experiences, character and talents so that their future may be re-formed.

Many involved in leading churches are re-viewing what church was like a year ago, what it’s like now and are considering re-forming.

I was reading the ancient story of King Hezekiah this morning. In the temple was a bronze serpent. Hundreds of years previously a plague of snakes had bitten and killed many. By looking at the bronze serpent people were healed…

The bronze serpent was now treated as a God with magical powers. Hezekiah reviewed and reformed. He decided that the serpent should be destroyed.

I’m musing on bronze serpents in my life, in the church, or in our society that have been misused or lost their meaning and perhaps should be re-formed or destroyed…

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