The Duke of Edinburgh

Over the last 24 hours there have been a succession of written and spoken tributes paid to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

His life of selfless service, pursuit of integrity, sense of duty and hard work have been recognised and commended. His willingness to stay out of the limelight and be the ‘unsung hero’, promoting the needs of others, leave much to admire and learn from.

His constant and consistent support of his wife, the Queen, has been outstanding. Working out their partnership over 73 years, his faithfulness, devotion, loyalty, strength and dependability was and is an example to all.

The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke of their marriage ‘grounded in friendship and mutual respect and sustained by shared faith in Christ.’

We’ve remembered his life:

His difficult childhood, active service during The War, meeting and falling in love with Princess Elizabeth. His vital role in his family, relationships with children and grandchildren, local connections to Sandringham. His sharp wit, enquiring mind, joy at life, ability to communicate to people from every background…

It’s interesting that his apparent weaknesses are not ignored but remembered with warmth, acceptance and affection….

The Easter narrative reminds us…

Mary’s weak with grief. Having seen her beloved, innocent friend executed his body has apparently been stolen from the grave.

Cleopas is out walking, confused. The one he thought would liberate the Jews from the Romans is now dead.

Peter’s feeling ashamed and bewildered. Having denied allegiance to Jesus he’s returning to his old fishing job.

Thomas sits locked away with the scared disciples with his doubts and questions.

Jesus meets each of them not when they’ve sorted themselves out but as they are. He then brings a change of heart and life.

The Prince Phillip tributes reflect the Easter message. People are appreciated as they are; weaknesses are accepted; affection isn’t dependent on perfection; we see through failure to the good and positive.

2 thoughts on “The Duke of Edinburgh

  1. It is strengthening to read/hear comments about Prince Philip!
    So agree with your comments about Jesus being there in the midst of our mess!
    Lyn x


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