Garden Questions

On Sunday we had our Easter Service in the church garden  The question was: ‘Will the weather stay fine?’ It did.

A neighbour politely asked the band, practicing before the service: ‘Will you be quiet, please?’ We weren’t.

The garden question after the service – socially distanced, masked, but singing, was ‘Did that go well?’ It did.

Neal, the minister, reminded us of questions asked in the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden of Resurrection. I’m still musing on Jesus’ compassion and empathy when, he asked Mary : ‘Woman, why are you crying?’ – Twice.

When I was growing up, the garden question was ‘Was it Bill or was it Ben?’ The Flowerpot Men, (on Wednesday afternoon, ‘Watch with Mother’) who lived at the end of the garden, were always up to mischief!

At the Sunday family barbecue in Jo and Allan’s garden, questions included: ‘Do you want a brown, white or cheesy roll?’, ‘Do you like my new bike?’

Then round to our garden: ‘Can I have both cheesecake and banoffee pie, please?’ and ‘Can you find the hidden Easter Eggs?’… (Thanks for the concerned enquires –one egg still remains un-found)

Yesterday we went to Ipswich to see Andrew and Emily. It was our first opportunity to visit their new house. Garden questions included: ‘Is this a plant or a weed?’ ‘What do I do with the water lily?’ And to their dog: ‘Dave, will you come out of that shrub?’ The first two questions had answers; the third didn’t.

Last night’s news included Boris answering: ‘Can our pub gardens reopen next Monday, 12th?’ Thankfully they will. Boris indicated that he will ask the garden question: ‘Can I have a pint, please?’

This morning there was a sprinkling of snow but the sun was shining. The garden question was ‘Shall I hang the washing out?’

I did; I saw neither Bill, Ben, nor the elusive egg.

2 thoughts on “Garden Questions

  1. I am quite happy to come to your garden and search for your missing egg but it would have to be finders keepers.. It is quitecquaint though thatvthere is one missing as it reminds us of Jesus body missing from the tomb.


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