Travelling Purposefully – but not there yet

May be an image of sky, beach and body of water

I’ve been walking this morning with David – beautiful sunshine, calm sea. He says we walked 12,116 steps and 9.31km. He’s walked each day through March, raising money for Prostate Cancer. He’s nearly reached his target of 600,000 steps, but isn’t there yet.

Yesterday I went round to Annie’s house and rang the bell. The door opened. I stood at an appropriate distance and watched a lot of purposeful activity.  Furniture was being moved, sticks were being poked behind furniture. Words were said in frustration!

The cat had brought in a mouse, and dropped it. The mouse had run off. When I left sometime later the mouse was still at large (perhaps with a mouse it’s ‘at small’!) He may still be.

Our niece Sara is flying from Paris to The Ivory Coast today. Her sister-in-law is ill in hospital and she is going to support her brother with his young  family. Travelling purposefully, but not there yet.

Ann has had recent cancer surgery. Subsequently she had a scan. Yesterday she had the results. Thankfully the cancer is all gone, but she has to have a course of radiotherapy. She’s on the road to a full recovery, but isn’t quite there yet.

Today, is the Wednesday in Holy Week. Jesus is travelling with determination… ‘setting his face like a flint’. The narrative is reaching a climax. Tomorrow will be final farewells, meals to remember, betrayal  and prayers of crisis. Friday will be the trial, torture, crucifixion, death and burial.

‘How are you?’ I asked a friend. ‘I’m getting there.’ was the reply. I was amused. Not sure where they were hoping to get…. But they’re certainly not there yet…  

I’m continuing to muse on Jesus’ journey to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On the Wednesday we remember the calm before the storm. He wasn’t there yet; he was still travelling purposefully.

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