Dave Hughes


Yesterday we remembered Dave Hughes. We joined friends and family on-line at the crematorium. Later, by zoom, we celebrated his life with many others in a Thanksgiving Service.

I first met Dave nearly 50 years ago; since then we’ve met occasionally. He and his wife Katie were about the same age as Rachel and I; their children were about the same age as ours.

Whenever we met up conversation was easy; it felt as if, had I known him better, he would have been a good, close friend. I shall remember Dave with warmth and affection…

  • Dave was a pastor. In some churches ‘pastor’ is a title. Dave was a pastor. He cared about and was interested in people. He listened, knew, understood. It wasn’t an act. It was part of who he was. Singing ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’ was appropriate; Dave was a good shepherd to all sorts of people.
  • Dave cared about Mum. After Dad died Dave visited Mum regularly. Mum led the ‘Friendly Hour’ for older folk in the church. Dave was genuinely interested in the group and supported it. Mum respected Dave; winning Mum’s respect didn’t always come easy! Living many miles from Mum we knew that in Dave we had someone looking out for her.
  • Dave was a good man. Yesterday family and friends spoke of Dave’s many positive attributes… loving, loyal, dependable, calm, organised, cheerful, gifted… Apart from supporting Manchester United and his ‘Grandad-jokes’ there were no faults or weaknesses either described or suggested.
  • Dave was a good Christian. He was overtly and explicitly Christian. No apologies or excuses. He lived out a real, consistent, attractive faith with integrity. He was one of the best adverts for Christian faith I’ve met.

St Paul said that the characteristics of a Jesus-follower are ‘love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.’ By that standard Dave measured up very well.

3 thoughts on “Dave Hughes

  1. Amen to that. I felt tremendously humbled thinking of him being a man of such integrity, consistency and faithfulness. Authentic to the core.


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