Now’s the Time

Yesterday we had our covid vaccinations. Earlier in the week we received the phone call inviting us to attend; all was done efficiently and effectively.

We were two of the 450,810 vaccinated in the UK yesterday – 2 of about 13.5 million overall. For us yesterday was the day.

I then went round to church. I helped two gents who are removing the church organ. It was installed in our old church 120 years ago. It had been moved to our new church building 50 years ago. It’s electrical, mechanical and musical competence have become increasingly frail…

We’ve discussed its use and removal for many years, enjoying many differing points of view. Now’s the time for its removal.

We’ve been following Pip Hare, the woman from Suffolk who’s been sailing in the ‘Vendée Globe’ solo non-stop round the world race. She completed the race, reaching the West coast of France in the early hours of this morning after over 3 months at sea.

Her skill, courage, honesty and humour have been an inspiration. Now her race is ended.

Often the easiest course of action is not to do anything. We’ll do it tomorrow. I’m well-practiced at procrastinating.

Our vaccinations reminds me of decisions that we put off related to our health – a doctor’s appointment, drinking less, the diet or regular exercise. Actions that we know will benefit our health and well-being. Now’s the time.

The organ removal (sounds like some unpleasant surgery!) reminds me of decisions that have been in the background for a long time – perhaps many years. The timing may have been wrong then. Decisions and action are needed now.

And the wonderful Pip Hare reminds me that there are times when the decision is to stop. We’ve been doing something, we may have been successful and praised by others. We have to stop.

We need to pray for wisdom to know when ‘Now’s the Time’.

2 thoughts on “Now’s the Time

  1. Thanks for your musing and for all your help these past couple of days. It’s been brilliant having you there.




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