Walking in the Snow

May be an image of outdoors

Yesterday I enjoyed my daily walk. Pavements and paths were a mixture of ice and snow. Greetings and brief conversations were also a mixture – of cheerful enjoyment and resigned acceptance of freezing inconvenience.

I passed McDonalds. It started to snow. It must have been a McFlurry.

I passed the caravan park on Pakefield Cliffs. Some caravans are perilously close to the edge of crumbling cliffs. Diggers were active, apparently preparing new bases and drains for caravans. ‘At least they’ll be close to the bar’. A fellow walker remarked.

I passed dog walkers. I felt particularly sorry for a pair of dachshunds who had more contact with the snow than appeared comfortable.

A pair of teenage girls seemed dressed with more concern for fashion than the weather conditions; they too had more contact with coldness than appeared comfortable.

A pair of lads pulling a sledge found a drift of deep snow that had blown against a bank. One was throwing himself repeatedly into the snow. Enjoyment was clearly more important than comfort.

On one patch of snow-covered grass fresh molehills had appeared. There must be lessons to learn from underground moles who have no idea of the snow above ground.

I joined a couple of gents helping push a car stuck in the ice and snow. I passed a snowman with a mask on – so I won’t catch the virus from him…

This morning I read the end of Leviticus. After chapters of detailed laws God promises to bless his people: ‘I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people.’

It’s the picture of God walking with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; the ‘Footprints’ picture – of God walking alongside us along a sandy beach.

Hundreds of years later the prophet Micah says that God’s people are ‘To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’

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